Based in Silifke, Turkey, I am a Software Developer and have been writing software for the web professionally since 2011. Programming is both my hobby and profession. I love participating in challenging projects and creating something fun. I am interested in all aspects of programming and product building.

I love picking up new technologies and languages. I have built client applications using ActionScript, vanilla JS, jQuery, AngularJS, Objective-C, React Native, and ReactJS.



Co-Founder Feb 2020 to present.

EPTS is building performance tracker wearables for elite athletes. I'm leading the web, mobile and backend development.


Senior Software Engineer Feb 2021 to present.

Ruzuku is an online course builder platform that lets people create their courses, market them and sell them to students.
We are in the process of rewriting everything using Preact, NodeJS and PostgreSQL.


Senior Software Engineer June 2019 to Jan 2021.

Thanx is a Series B startup that is trying to make customer engagement easy. I contributed to Thanx iOS and Android mobile apps using react-native. My team also shipped a online food ordering web application (not accessible outside of the US) using Next.js.


Lead Developer, CTO June 2017 to Apr 2019.

I served as CTO and led the technical development of Unifyre, a brand marketing platform, from idea, through alpha release, and multiple product iterations. I architected and delivered the project by using different tools in the front-end and back-end:

  • iOS and android applications using react-native, and Mobx.
  • A web application using Next.js.
  • Backend structure with Firebase, ElasticSearch, and Google Compute Engine.
  • An SMS and Facebook Messenger bot using botframework and Twilio.


Senior software Engineer Dec 2015 to May 2017.

Solve360 is a productivity CRM for teams to manage customer workflows. I lead the team that delivered the mobile app.
The app was built with react native. I used both my javascript and native iOS development experiences to create native components for this project. We needed to create many native components that communicate with the Javascript side because react native ecosystem was so young.
Please check out App Store and app screencast video.


Contractor June 2015 to Dec 2016.

Bilyoner is the biggest betting company in Turkey. I built the client side of a social network platform for the company, where users can share their bets and like/comment/follow others. I was the only client developer in this project and I was responsible for the front-end architecture and implementation. The final product was a SPA developed with AngularJS.


Software Developer June 2012 to June 2015.

Turkcell is the leading mobile phone operator in Turkey with around 35 million subscribers. I was a member of the Digital Channels development team.

  • Architected the front-end side of the project where we re-created Turkcell’s whole web presence. Assisted 6 front-end and 30+ back-end developers as the front-end technical lead; designed and implemented solutions with them.
  • Lead the team that shipped an e-commerce web application using AngularJS.
  • Shipped three native iOS applications using objective-c:


Software Developer Apr 2012 to May 2013.

Parkyeri is a software house embracing open source technologies and its philosophy. And I worked on various projects where I fit in.

  • Participated in a CRM project, developed on the backend using Java, spring-mvc, and hibernate.
  • Developed front-end client of the CRM project.
  • Developed a new company website using WordPress.


Software Developer Oct 2011 to Apr 2012.

Enocta is a edutech company that produces and distributes education materials and a Learning Management System for enterprises. I was responsible for developing a player with ActionScript to display training materials.